R.I.P Riarne Elizabeth Wood

After nearly 12 years of getting to know one of the most beautiful girls I've met and seen grow and blossom into a gergous young lady I must say, thank you!
Riarne, your life has been an example on how to live by. I will always love you as a sister and your memory will live on till the day I go.

You showed strength where others have little, you smiled when you felt awful, you batt...led to the very end. I know you have made a very big impact on the lives you touched. You certainly touched mine.

I miss you already and I love you.
Rest in peace. xo
(your second 'older brother')



Dean has just finished a successful photoshoot on the Gold Coast , so stay tuned as the pictures will be up next week.


Looking forward to this years upcoming work

Dean is very happy to be back in Australia after traveling through Europe during the winter of 2011-12. There is plenty of work coming up and his diary is filling up.. 



Back on for 2012

Dean jumped on board Channel 10's Upcoming Tv series Reef Doctor's set as a Medical student as well as a Patient. Great cast and crew, this will be a very exciting new Aussie drama.


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